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September 6, 2015
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September 13, 2015

Custom developed sites


  Every application is build on top of several pre-made frameworks or libraries, but when one has a specially build for it UI and server ( and is not build on one of the popular content management systems ) I can address it to 'custom developed'. 

Who needs it : 

-technical requirements higher than the needed for the most common site ( ex.intended for millions of users, or huge traffic ) 

-clients who need very unique vision and functionality 

-companies and individuals with a substantial budget that have a solid way to make profit from the particular site.

Pros :

+ Endless freedom for development and design 
+ Build especially for the ordered tasks
+ Secure

Cons : 

- Must have a developer(s) on the payroll as maintenance, changes, updates can be most efficiently done by the developer(s) who build it from scratch
- Site critically depends on the capabilities of the professionals that have developed it as every flow in their skills can lead to a huge flow of the site.
- Not so easy to administer as you need specially trained administrators.